Chord Overstreet Denies the Rumer

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Glee newbie Chord Overstreet on Rumer Willis: “We’re just friends.” [Showbiz Spy]

Taylor Swift comes clean on her breakup with Taylor Lautner. [New York Magazine]

Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin: New couple alert? [Star via Perez]

Now you can dress like a Gossip Girl! [StyleList]

Is Zac Efron’s head getting too big? [OK!]

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One Response to "Chord Overstreet Denies the Rumer"

    William says:

    he doesn’t remember them at all and that it was pityroba dream or something. and i started to think, because i cant let myself off that easy and i started to get convinced because 1.he doesnt remember it at all2. we have a normal brother and sister relationship3. I WOULD NEVER EVER DO THAT TO HIM EVER!!!!4. if i did do this i would have though about this for like forever5.joseph doesnt show any signs of kids who have been sexually abusedIt may be true.1. When i think about this i get a dejavu feeling2. me and my brother have played dolls and their was sex in it.3. whe i ask hima bout it he gets all wierd and nervous and is al like i dont like to talk about stuff like this , its nasty or ewwwww!! ( he gets really uncomfortable if you talk about sexual stuff )is this a dream plz help me

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