Taylor Momsen Sticks To Her Guns on the Cover of Revolver

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Taylor Momsen on Revolver

We thought Jenny Humphrey’s absence from Gossip Girl was because she’s been away at boarding school, but from the looks of Revolver Magazine‘s new cover, Little J has been putting in some serious time at the shooting range.

Revolver, the “world’s loudest rock magazine” (which, we admit, we had never heard of until now), chose Taylor Momsen as a cover girl for their “Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock” issue. As if Tay’s recent penchant for thigh-high platforms wasn’t enough, it’s now undeniable that The Pretty Reckless frontgirl couldn’t be further from her school uniform-wearing, Upper East Side-aspiring alter-ego.

We can’t help but wonder what Gossip Girl would have to say about such a scandalous picture…

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