Lunchtime Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Glee Newbie?

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It’s always risky to introduce new characters to a popular TV show, but Glee seems to be pulling it off effortlessly in season two, which begs the question: Which new Gleek is your favorite? While we’re swooning over Chord Overstreet‘s muscles charm, we’ve still got Darren Criss‘s version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” stuck in our head. And even though in last night’s epic episode Blaine and Kurt’s scenes made us cry (tears of sadness and joy—did we say how epic last night’s eppie was?), we loved Sam’s solo in the last number and think it’s absolutely adorable watching him try to keep up with the choreography.

So what do YOU think? When it comes to Glee‘s freshman class, who is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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  • B Fitzpatrick

    Chord Overstreet by a mile. Unfortunately he’s really unfriendly in real life-unlike Darren Criss but when it comes to looks, Chord wins hands-down (by miles!) 😉 I love him

  • Kellyyyyy;)

    I <3 Darren criss,
    he is AMAZING.

  • Anna brown

    I think chord overstreet is amaazingggg. I love him SO much, anyone else prefer him? :)

  • Remedy

    my friend and me are having a fight about this and I LOVE DARREN CRISS cord overstreet has nothing on darren criss

  • Purple13512



  • cleo

    i think chord overstreet looks a whole lot like macaulay culkin when he was younger and he starred in home alone… am i the only one who thinks so??? except chord is more yummy-looking now.

  • Katie

    Darren if you have a better taste..Chord if you like the Macaulay Culkin look

  • justme

    Darren Criss. Are you kidding me. He's got the X factor! In one episode he conquered the hearts of so many fans, when what's his face has been there for a while and never really wowed us. Darren should def. stayt on the show! 😀 Chord's character is too bland, he's like the androide version of Finn. He's cute, but just not interesting. LOVE LOVE LOVE Darren I think he has so much to offer for the show!!

  • Glee Fan

    Darren Criss is much more interesting and hotter! Darren Criss has an amazing smile and his eyes are super dreamy wonderful :-)

  • hploverr


    does anything else need to be said??

    i guess so: Chord Overstreet’s character is nice, hot, and a great singer, BUT Darren Criss is just…..Darren Criss, there are no words to describe him, well….maybe, AVPM, AVPS, Little White Lie…..if you have never seen/heard of these, please, i am begging you, google them NOW!! plus, he just recentley released his own EP….hello people…..obvious choice here…..

  • Papples

    I LOVE Blaine (Darren Criss’s character)! And so far Sam just seems like a douchey jock.

  • Diana

    Darren Criss is so much hotter, but so far Chord Overstreet's character's personality is so much better/more entertaining! My two cents. Maybe we can merge them? Science has advanced to that level, right?