16 & Pregnant: Exclusive Interview with Kayla!

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Our interview with last week’s 16 & Pregnant girl, Christinna, got people talking, and with good reason — her baby daddy’s grandma made him take a paternity test! But we think that this week’s interview with Kayla, whose episode airs tonight at 10pm on MTV, will be causing just as much of a stir. Why? She opened up to us about giving up her entire teenhood to raise baby Rylan, and explained why she thinks abstinence-only education should be a no-go in high schools.

Do you agree with her? Check out our exclusive interview with Kayla and tell us what you think!

What made you want to go onto the show?
When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was scared and felt alone. But watching the episodes made me feel better. I thought my story would be different than others and that maybe another teen mom or expecting teen would watch my show and relate.

So you were a fan of the show! Which girl from seasons’ past do you relate to most?
I can relate to most of them at some point or another. But other people would relate me to Maci the most.

Tell us about your baby daddy. Is he supportive?
My baby’s father is probably one of the few most supportive fathers that you will see on the show, but this whole season has a lot more supportive fathers than last season. But, not all teenage guys are the same. Some are just more mature than others and then some are just lucky if they ever grow up!

You’re lucky! What’s the biggest balance between being a teen and a mom?
There’s really no balancing the two. It means me being a mother and not a teenager. I still hang out with my friends, but normally it is a dinner date, and Rylan tags along. Sometimes I miss hanging out with my friends and I’ll tell myself that it is okay, that even adult mothers take a break, but I feel guilty leaving Rylan. But I think all mother’s deserve a break to go out and have some fun.

Are you in school now?
Yes. I’m in my first semester of college.

Has it been hard?
So difficult! I don’t want to take time away from Rylan to do homework or study. I don’t want to take him to day care while I go to school. And I have had to miss school because of Rylan. For me, missing a day of college is worse than missing a day of High School. It seems almost impossible to catch up.
What do you think about sex-ed in high schools? Do you think it’s partly to blame for why so many teens get pregnant?

Speaking of school, do you believe in abstinence-only sex-education?
Abstinence is a good idea, but it seems like it’s happening less and less. Some people are just going to have sex either way, so instead of pressuring them into abstinence, give them a choice. If they feel like sex is wrong then they aren’t going to talk about it and sneak around and have unsafe sex instead.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve had to give up since getting pregnant?
I had to give up being a teenager to be an adult, basically. All my life I wanted to grow up and be an adult and now I just want life to slow down a little.

Will you tune into Kayla’s eppie tonight? Which girl from this season of 16 & Pregnant has been your fave? Tell us below!

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  • Anonymous

    Kayla was crazy for breaking up with JR He was a great boyfriend. He wanted to do the right thing and marry her and support both of them. Kayla you say you didnt want to move out from your mom and dad’s but are you going to live with them your whole life????? You are not the girl who had to grow up overnight from having a baby. I did and my husband is the best we have been married for 10 years and we have 2 kids and I still went to college. I think you you are trying to get back your high school years and your teen years Honey get over it and grow up. Also get a man your own age not in high school…….

  • ooookay….

    This girl, Kayla, looks so much older than 16/17 on the show[s]. imo… she looks like she is in her 30’s. She is not going to age well, in looks, as she gets older. Can’t believe she was ever a beauty??? queen.


    I don’t think they should completely get rid of abstinence courses but instead, there should be an array of sex-ed courses (i.e. abstinence, safe sex, how to reach your potential as a teen parent, etc.). No teen is the same, therefore various types of sex-ed courses would make sense. Last night’s episode of 16 and pregnant was like any other. Irrespective of the basis of the show, I was glad that Kayla had a lot of support from her mother. On most episodes the mother is usually incredibly upset, so this change was nice. I hope everything works out for them. They seem like a good ‘ol country couple. lol


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