Miley Cyrus Is Smoking a Bong! Or is She?!

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Well, it looks like Miley Cyrus didn’t waste any time since she turned legal on November 23. TMZ got hold of a video of Miley — gasp! — smoking from a bong at what seemed to be a house party with a bunch of friends. Well, that’s one way to get rid of your Hannah Montana image…

But no, Miley’s not headed to rehab yet. Sources say Miley wasn’t smoking marijuana, but salvia, which is legal in California and gives the user “psychedelic qualities.” Maybe that explains all of Miley’s out of control giggling? And apparently, a Liam Hemsworth lookalike was in attendance at the party! Miley kept saying “Is that Liam? Is that my boyfriend?” Funny, Miley, cause we thought he was your ex boyfriend…

Click on for the gotta-see video!

Head over to TMZ to watch the full vid!

Do you think Miley should be more careful? What are your thoughts on the video? Tell us below!

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  • lmd:)

    i knew the whole time miley was a bad girl.she is soo stupid.first pole dancing.kissing a girl.getting a gay tatoo.suporting gay marriges. smoking a smoking marijuana.from a bong.a bong, really.she doesn’t need rehab.she needs JESUS!

  • Deziah Monae

    you junkie thats why nobody cares about you anymore you has-been i n]knew you were gonna turn to drugs sooner or later ..i was your fan but now your just another britney spears/lindsay lohan

  • hate miley

    drug wearwolf

  • selena gomez fan

    i love selena gomez she rocks miley cyrus sucks and she did drugs i don’t care if it legal she still should’nt of done it they have kids trying to stay drug free and you got a wirthless star doing them . who does miley think she is she needs to get a ife oh and lying to your fans you’re hannah montana than you;re miley how come you can’t be like selena gomez or wait you can;t cuz selena gomez is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than you go and leave

  • bey


  • Jan

    i was a fan and oh my~ so disappointed.
    she is NOT miley!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no smiles for her!!!!

  • Genesis

    How Do Any Of You Know That She’s
    A Slut or a Whore You Guys Dont
    Know Her Sexual Experinces….
    Unless You Stalk Her Where Ever She
    Goes Or Something=//

  • io

    she looks like she would be a drug addict

  • amanda

    she is not a good girl nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Danielle Cloyd

    @Victoriaaa- I’ve never smoked pot of any kind in my entire life. I’ve never done drugs of any kind in my entire life and I’m 22 almost 23! Not every person smokes or does drugs and it’s sad that you think they do! Because it’s not normal!
    I was honestly baffled by this! I know Miley is going through a hard time- and honestly none of us know exactly how hard of a time she is having because none of us are her! All we hear about is what’s in the news and what others say. We don’t know how she feels or what she thinks. I love Miley’s music and her movies! I like her! I look up to her! Which may seem weird but oh well! But after I saw this I was honestly crushed! I thought Miley would be one of those celebrities who no matter what stayed true to themselves and wouldn’t be causing such problems all over! There are a lot of people who look up to her and I hope she gets her act together before she ruins herself personally- not on a professional level!

  • constanza

    drogadicta culia la fama te subio los humos

  • kyla

    i know you a tying to grow up but don’t wreck you’re hole little cousion is a fan and i don’t want to watch her growing up as a smoking.please stop don’t grow up like this don’t want you to grow up like my mom i have not seen her in 10 yr’s and t’m 12 please stop



    • Genesis

      I saw the video IT’S HER



  • ljubica

    this is not miley !

    • Anonymous

      lol how is it not miley who is it the?

  • the bitch miley cryrus

    miley cyrus is such a bitchy whore i imagine that she has slept with at leas t50 men this WEEK go smoke some more bong

  • man

    miley is a slut for sure

    • Danielle Cloyd

      If she is a slut for smoking pot- are you a slut for having sex?!

  • Anonymous

    She is such an IDIOT.
    I mean, it’s totally okay because she’s 18.
    But STILL,She STILL works with Disney. Why on EARTH would she start smoking when she still does that? Why does she have to be so ‘sexual’ about trying to explain she’s not Hannah Montana?
    At least get your fing facts right. Drop Disney and then she can do whatever the hell she wants.

  • Anonymous

    i hate miley cyrus. shes such a bad influence on kids.

    • man

      and im 12

  • katie

    Who cares if she smokes a little Salvia. she is 18 and not a child anymore.

    • Cookie

      Yeah but she JUST HAPPENS to be a celebrity/pop star and after how she changed her outfits and started looking slutty its even worse that she smoked Salvia! i can understand that every teen in there life will try smoking once but it just so happens that she has all these little fans looking up to her. She is supposed to be a role model for her young fans she should start acting like a role model!!!! PS ( im 12 and hating Miley :)

  • ZAK


    • Anonymous

      no she ant