Best of 2010: The Best Newcomers Who Rocked Our World This Year!

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Best Newcomers of 2010

Even if you were living under a rock this year, chances are you heard the names on our newbies list over and over again. At first, you were probably like Who is that?—and then, little-by-little you became secretly ob-sessed with each of these rising stars. (And that’s totally cool, cause we’re right there with you!)

Check out our favorite Newcomers of 2010 and don’t miss the year’s hottest hotties, most stylish celebs, and best and worst hookups and breakups either!

The Best Newcomers of 2010 starts with…

So, which newcomer was your fave in 2010? Sound off now!

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    gotta get million views in 2 weeks for charice

  • cuteyub


    thanks 4 supporting charice,

    if you want to watch charice’s performance

    where she didn’t just HIT

    but she sustained 13 seconds of high notes,

    here’s the link guys

    to watch it in auto-play mode, thanks


  • myinkheart4


  • AnnieChaster

    Hello!!!! That is not even a question 😀 CHARICEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! <3

  • arturosandoval

    Charice is the one. love you Charice come here in Doha Qatar!

  • costa

    Charice is the best!!!!!