First Listen! Avril Lav…Uh, Miranda Cosgrove’s New Single

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Miranda Cosgrove and Avril Lavigne

Miranda Cosgrove and Avril Lavigne don’t really have much in common until….now. Miranda just released her new single, “Dancing Crazy,” and are we going crazy or does it sound a lot like “Sk8er Boi?” And “Girlfriend?” And pretty much every other Avril song ever?

VIDEO: Avril performs her new single live on NYE!

Yes, Avril did co-write this song for Miranda, which probably explains it. But Click on to take a listen and let us know if you think the resemblance between Miranda’s song and Avril’s songs is uncanny!

So, what do you think? Is Miranda’s new song just an Avril ripoff? Whose music do you generally like better? Sound off now!

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