Bella Thorne ‘Shakes It Up’ in a Slinky Dress

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Bella Thorne is relatively new to the red carpet (the girl’s only 13, after all), but the Shake It Up! star looked stunning in a rad rhinestone-studded dress and sweet metallic shoes. This Disney princess is sure to follow in the footsteps of People’s Choice Award winners Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

BUZZ: Coverage and pics from the People’s Choice Awards!

Click for close-ups of Bella!

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16 Responses to "Bella Thorne ‘Shakes It Up’ in a Slinky Dress"

    Girl_Who_Was_Raised_By_Beavers says:

    I wished I was never…

    Victoria says:

    I wish people would stop saying ‘she looks to old’ or that they hate her: its not cool.
    Bella is perfect no matter what she does.

    luna says:

    i think that every thing she wears is incrediable

    ioana says:

    e foarte frumoasa

    Cordell says:

    i am 12 and a football player weld Bella go out with me

    Khaliah says:

    I love shake it up an zendaya is my favorite dance an bella is to an i love the things they wear

    hoang says:

    she is old but very lovely.

    Lyssa says:

    Love her dress..

    emma says:

    im in love with her dress its super super super pretty
    i love her show and cant believe that shes only 13 and done all that

    amanda says:

    i love her dress and her shous and i do love her

    tinafab says:

    ok well i love the dress. i love bella. the show is number 1 ever on the disney channel. it doesn’t matter if its 2people or not. wowp has a whole family and selena is still a star. really the show is on it’s way and so is bella.

    Someone says:


    sutnev says:

    she looks old and a little pedoish in these photos,so no she looks ugly in these photos

    anonymous says:

    umm i dont think she might be like selena gomez or demi lovato cause zendaya is also there so is kinda lesbian both of them togethere in that show is lame is not even intersting to watch is the same as sonny with a chance? plus to be really famous you will need a tv show only to you like wizards or hannah or else ur nothing and it has to be funny. i dont think she is that funny that me. am not a hater i just dont like shake it up is kinda boring and lame to watch

    Gillian Lang says:

    omg i love shake it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    johnson says:

    she looks stunning.

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