Chord Overstreet Scores with Lea Michele!

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Since Finn and Rachel split, we’ve been wondering who everyone’s favorite choir girl would hook up with next. We know Sam is taken and all, but doesn’t it look like he scored a touchdown with Rachel?

VIDEO: 10 things you definitely don’t know (yet!) about Chord Overstreet!

And what is Rachel doing out on the football field anyway? Do you think Coach Beiste brought on some new recruits?

Click for close-ups!

Do you think Rachel will reunite with Finn, or hook up with Sam? Tell us!

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  • Sherab

    I really want Sam and Rachel together !!! They have a lot in common- they are hot, they both got heartbroken by Finn and Quinn and they have really nice voices,I want to at least kiss on the lips, please :-(

  • Anonymous

    Well, in this post Super Bowl episode Quinn and Finn share a kiss… And somewhere I read that in that or the next episode Quinn and Sam will break up.. But , not really sure..I would like to see Sam and Rachel together, at least in one episode… :)) Oh, and bout Finchel…They’re not coming together cause Finn got his eye on another girl (probably Quinn).. :)

  • Abby

    Well, I don’t know if Rachel and Sam are gonna get together but I hope they don’t. I LOVE Sam and Quinn together and I’ve been praying that Finn and Rachel reunite really soon! I’m just dying inside without Finchel!

    • Sherab

      You have no taste