Rumor Confirmed! Expect a Dan/Blair Romance When Gossip Girl Returns

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We told you last month about a potential Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair (Leighton Meester) hookup on Gossip Girl, and now the rumor has been confirmed! Executive Producer Stephanie Savage told TVLine, “As much as they might want to hate each other, there are a lot of reasons for them to like each other.”

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We have to agree! Dan and Blair had great chemistry leading up to the mid-season finale and we totally think it’s time he moved on from Serena (Blake Lively). Do you?

We’ve got more deets on Dair’s relationship and more scoop on the rest of the season (like when we can expect Little J to return). Read on to find out!

According to Savage, Dan and Blair will be working together at a fashion magazine, Serena will make an attempt at getting with her ex-teacher Ben (did we predict this, too?), and two new characters will shake things up in Chuck’s (Ed Westwick) personal and professional life. And when will Jenny return? Savage says the size of Taylor Momsen‘s role on the show is “something we’re figuring out as we go along.” Yikes.

So what do you think of a Dan and Blair romance? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Lya

    YESSSS!!! Dair is my all time favorite couple on GG! I totally want them to hookup. Blair is her mean,scheming self with Chuck, but shes sweet and totally non-bitchy with Dan. Plus, Dan is kinda gorgeous. AHHHHH If Dan and Blair get together, I will be one of the happiest people ever 😀 They just have so much chemistry and Chuck is a jackass

  • Deska

    Just make Dan and Blair till the END!!!! THEY ARE JUST AWESOME!!!!! I Support them as THE FINAL COUPLE!!!! YaY! 😀 ;p XD

    • sakeena

      Wow,it would be so awesome if Blair and Dan got together,would be the highlight of the whole series!!! I still remember that scene where Dan and Blair had a heart to heart in the hallway in season1,they kinda click together,very witty too and Chuck and Blair have a connection bt they jst shouldn’t be together, Leighton and Pen are my two fav actors of the gg show,sigh,gossip girl is great n have the bestlooking cast and everything but let’s face it,there’s no denying that Leighton(Blair) and Pen(Dan) and Ed(Chuck)are the only Best and Worthy actors,I cringe when Blake (worst from the rest of the cast) and Chace n even at times the rest of the cast acts!!

  • stella

    Dair FTFW!! Make them an endgame please!!

  • Ryugo

    Serena and Dan, Blair and Chuck -> lovey dovey teen love.

    Blair and Dan -> Chemistry! You can see the sparks. They argue like a married couple.

    Dont you agree? :)

  • Cindy

    I love dan and blair <3 GG is getting back in track again :)

  • lc

    blair and dan make me SOOOO happy!!!!!!!!!!!

    as much as i loved chuck & blair it just never seemed to fit right thats why the idea of them actually fitting and making it work was so great but it always fell apart but dan is gonna make blair better he already is oh em geeee so excited!! =)

  • layla

    YES! DAN AND BLAIR NEED TO BE TOGETHER! The only reason I still watch the show!!! They are so cute. I mean I was a die hard chair fan but dair is the best thing so far! They have such a strong chemistry even when they are fighting!!! I LOVE IT!

  • Mercedes

    Think of it like Dawson’s Creek; At the beginning we all thought that D&J were soulmates and meant for eachother, but in the end Joey and Pacey ended up together – (And THANK GOD for that btw, because they had such great chemistry!)

    Also, Dair reminds me of Seth and Summer, whose chemistry and witty banter I absolutely LOVED! <3
    + Lonely Boy has a great personallity and helps Queen B become a better person and actually GROW UP, unlike a certain somebody whose name shall be unmentioned…

  • Yukirumo



  • lindsey g

    im so happy to hear that dan blair are hooking up they totally deserve each other!!

  • Christopher S.

    Yes, I can’t wait for this relationship to begin. From the beginning I always though that Blair and Dan were so similar, and now that there is some confirmation I am hoping they pull a Pacy and Joey. As for all the Chair fans who are against Dair, I think the moment Chuck tried to prostitute Blair was the moment even the thought Chair sort of nauseating.

    I think the fact that women all over the world get stuck in destructive relationships like the Chuck and Blair dynamic should be enough for the writes to try and shift the relationship because a big part of Blair’s character is her strength and I for one would be sad to see her not outgrow Chuck.

  • ranni

    cant wait 2 see dan & blair 2gether..they look so cute….looks like seth& summer on the oc

  • Briana

    I am so excited for them to get together!!! They are sooo good for each other! Since the VERY beg. when Dan helped Blair with her problems with her mother, I have known that they were destined for each other…and Blair needs someone who will treat her right (Chuck is a shit head) and Dan needs someone who is on his “level” and has the capacity for commitment. When they finally let their hearts open to each other, the fire is gonna BLAZE

  • AngelCake

    id love to see blair and dan together, and even if it doesnt last forever, itll definitely be interesting. anyway, they have a lot in common and really suit each other :)