Say What?! Dakota Fanning is More Interested in High School Than Hollywood

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Dakota Fanning was pretty much an A-lister before she could talk (her first big blockbuster was at age 6), but the Twilight starlet is far more concerned with high school than Hollywood.

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She may be besties with Kristen Stewart, but Dakota isn’t too cool for school. Her fave part about being a normal (-ish?) student at North Hollywood high school is…

… yearbooks! Dakota told W Magazine, “It was important for me to go to a normal high school. I have a locker, which was a big deal. My mom had to buy me a lock and teach me how to use it. It’s the little things: Where do you go at lunch? How do you open the locker? I wanted a yearbook! Now I have a lot of signatures in my yearbook—’Have a good summer’ and all that.”

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