Naya Rivera and Shay Mitchell: The Two Hottest Hollywood Twins Ever?

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Naya Rivera & Shay Mitchell

With their shiny dark strands, fabulously-tanned complexions, and general gorgeousness, Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera are both obviously knockouts. We never realized just how much the two looked alike until the Pretty Little Liars star tweeted…

“I met my doppelganger tonight @NayaRivera and had a dance party with the rest of the amazing cast of Glee…”

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Uh, were they separated at birth, or what?! Take a peek at these two lookalike stars and tell us what you think!

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19 Responses to "Naya Rivera and Shay Mitchell: The Two Hottest Hollywood Twins Ever?"

    Katelyn says:

    Guys, it’s not a question on who is the “hottest”… i agree that both of them are pretty, but it’s the fact that they look like twins that freaks me out lol, though i think shay looks like a mix of Naya and Nicole

    kayla says:

    i like naya better she is pretty

    Mia says:

    They are both so sexy.

    Thatá says:

    As duas são lindas, mas a Naya .. OMG!!! Além de ser gostosa pa Kraiii .. Tem um charme que é só dela!!! Tôo Apaixonada’ ♥

    jay says:

    Both are beauty’s gorgeous love em :D

    dave says:

    THEY’RE BOTH LEBIANS, but sexy hot lipstick lesbians hehe, they r stunnin’ gorgeous, but shay is prettier, a pretty little liar i would say hehe

    Joanna says:

    Shay is gorgeous!

    samantha says:

    Naya rivera is more sexier than shay

    Lindsay says:

    The only similarities between them are their hair and complexions. When it comes to facial features, I think Shay looks more like Nicole Scherzinger.

    Katherine says:

    LOL and they are also both lesbians on their shows :D

    Niesha says:

    DIFFERENCE….Shay – Phillipine And Naya- 1/2 Puerto Rican, 1/4th German, And 1/4 African American…. SIMILARITIES….They Have The Same Skin Complexion And They Are Both Beautiful

    zhaly says:

    i love them both . they both beautiful ..

    rhea mey says:

    i think that shay is more pretty than santana!

    Zara says:

    i <3 sanTana .sanTana iS more preTTy tHan sHy :D peaCe

    nicky says:

    They are both gourgeous :) i love naya and i love shay…but :) i more like shay..she’s beautiful <3

    ree says:

    when i first saw shay i thought: oh my god! she looks like santana from glee, and it’s very strange, they are doing the same thing in both series, both are lesbians lolll

    chill says:

    Shay is gorgeous

    zero says:

    they dont look a like at all… i think shay mitchell is more pretty than naya rivera…hmmm.. just what i thought.:D

    Megan says:

    I don’t know, besides the hair and complexion and the fact that they’re both knockouts, I don’t really think their facial features are that alike…

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