The Victorious Cast Invites Us On Set–And Spills Some Cast Gossip (Exclusive Video)

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Avan Jogia

Can you imagine going behind the scenes of your fave show, chatting with the stars, and livin’ the life of a famous actor for a few hours? Well, you’re in luck, cause we did just that with the cast of Victorious! In this exclusive vid, shot on-set at Nickelodeon Studios in Hollywood, California, we chatted with Victoria Justice‘s co-stars Avan Jogia, Leon Thomas, Matt Bennett and more, who spilled on all things Victorious.

VIDEO: 21 Questions with Ariana Grande!

Who’s the best at Karaoke? The funniest on-set prankster? And, most importantly, how does Avan get that oh-so-dreamy hair? Click on to watch the vid!

Who’s your fave Victorious character? What do you hope happens this season on the show? Share below!

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  • evanyeline

    it’s a perfect programs!!!! *__________________*

    • Kimberly Joan Groher

      Hi the casts of victorious
      And I have a birthday until 4 months
      I thinking of my favorite person that show I like andre , beck , cat , tori , jade , Rex and maybe eirck Lang or lane napper or mikey reed ?

      And what is my class clown or a prankster
      And I’ll say Liz or Daniella maybe Rex

      My mom told me until my birthday comes up so she is gonna taking me to see all of you in person if you want me to

      And please contact me or write me back

  • Anonymous

    te quiero

  • lil jj

    i think all the boys are hot including robbie

  • kia

    Jade and Tori are my fave cast members in VICTORIOUS. They both are funny, especially Jade

  • Mara

    I love Beck he’s so hot en cat, jade and tori are so cool

  • madalyn waldridge


  • Person

    I love Beck, Jade, and Kat they are so unique. And cute.

  • vicjustice


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  • chloe


  • chasity garrett

    hay and what up

  • Meep

    The whole Victorious cast is just amazing. I absolutely adore Liz and Ariana. They are all such bright, talented kids with so muchto offer in show business and all other things.

  • Waituhi

    I love jade and beck u rock

  • nickalyn

    i love victorias it is so fun i love how jade sings

  • Anonymous

    hahaha, this interview is adorable.

  • Ariana grande

    i like kat and jade

  • Leah

    Jade :)

    • Meep

      Love her!

  • lillian

    my fav person is tori vega and jade

  • Anonymous

    i love tori she so amazing :)

  • Lily

    hey i <3 ur showwwwwwww

  • Ally

    Jade is my favorite character. She’s amazing and unique and I love Bade!

    • nickalyn

      hi love nickalyn

    • Meep

      Me too, I love Jade. Team Jade and the Bade Brigade forever!