W-T-Fashion! Did Camilla Belle Forget Her Shirt?

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Camilla Belle took that “nada” thing a little too seriously when it came time to get dressed for the premiere of her upcoming flick From Prada to Nada.

BUZZ: Sorry Joe, Ashley Greene doesn’t believe in marriage!

The starlet wore a sleek suit sans shirt, and though she looked hot–OMG those abs!–it’s debatable whether bikini tops really qualify as red carpet-worthy.

Click for close-ups of Camilla’s outfit (or lack of…).

What do you think of her look? Tell us in comments!

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  • ganesh chawhan

    she really look like an angal if god say mi *what is ur last wish*??i realy say..one day give me one chanc to dating her.please………………………………….

  • junaid

    so hot girl

  • Anonymous

    gaga bigaon

  • Anonymous

    soooooo hot!!!


    she looks awesome. Her figure wow. How did joe jonas dump her for ashley greene.


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  • xx annie xxx

    she looks good x

  • Anna

    she looks gorgeous! with that body why she should keep it from herself? :)

  • kayla

    wow thats way to inappropiate !