Pretty Little Liars’ Ezra vs. Glee’s Mr. Shue: Who’s The Hotter Teacher?

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Ezra Fitz vs. Will Schuester

Teachers are really having a moment. Between Glee‘s Will Schuester and Pretty Little LiarsEzra Fitz, we sorta wish we were back in school just so we could learn a thing or two from the unbelievably attractive teachers.

So who’s the hotter better teacher in the battle between Shue vs. Ezra? Flip through these pics to help you decide, then cast your vote by posting a comment!

Who’s your fave on-TV teach? Tell us in comments!

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  • Vikki


  • Scarlet

    But on second thought, I pick Ezra! He’s just SO effin HAWT

  • Scarlet

    Both !! What?!? One can never be enough *smirk*