Video: Bruno Mars is a “California Gurl!” Who Knew?!

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Bruno Mars

Proof that Bruno Mars deserves to get a million Grammy awards on February 13? He does “California Gurls” better than Katy Perry. Well, almost. During a radio interview in England, Bruno brought out his inner Cali girl and covered Katy’s famous song without all the beats and Snoop Dogg, but with amazing vocals and a piano. Yeah, it’s that good.

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Read on to take a listen to Bruno’s “California Gurls” and tell us, which version do you like better?

So, which version do you like better? Bruno’s or Katy’s?

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6 Responses to "Video: Bruno Mars is a “California Gurl!” Who Knew?!"

    clint says:

    its so nice!! kababayan! =)

    Jensca says:

    This is beautiful but katy owns this ;)

    Paige says:

    Leave this song for Katy to rock!!

    stefani says:

    i think katy’s better ..

    Ali says:

    wowza!! he’s good!!

    Karen says:

    That’s radical!

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