Hey Anna Wintour, Victoria Justice Has Her Sights Set on a Vogue Cover (Exclusive Video)

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Last week we brought you an exclusive video from the set of Victorious, where we chatted with cast members like Avan Jogia, Leon Thomas, and Matt Bennet. But this week, we’ve got a bonus vid with the show’s leading lady, and our guest editor of the week, Victoria Justice!

PHOTOS: We’ve got a major closet crush on Victoria!

Victoria talks about the guy/friend myth (she doesn’t believe in it) as well as her recent Seventeen Prom spread, and also reveals her dream magazine cover: fashion bible Vogue! Hey, Anna, what do you think?

Read on to watch the vid!

Do you think Victoria would make a good Vogue cover girl? Tell us in the comments!

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25 Responses to "Hey Anna Wintour, Victoria Justice Has Her Sights Set on a Vogue Cover (Exclusive Video)"

  1. Teen.com
    Augustus Elvey says:

    I really like it whenever people come together and share opinions. Great site, stick with it!


  2. Teen.com
    Alibally says:

    Hi Im only nine but I love Tori Vega she is so funny!!!

  3. Teen.com
    trinity says:

    hi im trinity i live in ohio i am 8 years old and i really want to see rocky from shake it up can anyone help me

  4. Teen.com
    Alexia says:

    I love selena Gomez

  5. Teen.com
    The One & ONLY Mrs. Bieber says:

    Your awesome Victoria!

  6. Teen.com
    shawn says:

    I think it’s alsome that you have victoria justice on here,cause victoria is really cool an sweet an yea She’s AMZING!!

  7. Teen.com
    Anonymous says:

    I love Victoria Justice! Sh’s a beatuful. I’m from poland. But me rite a ,, VICTORIA ZNACZY ZWYCIĘSTWO”. I love, and Like victoria.

  8. Teen.com
    bella says:

    Все книги Сумеречная сага “Сумерки”, “Новолуние”, “Затмение”, “Рассвет”, “Солнце полуночи”, “Гостья”, “Дьявольские балы”, “Ослепленная правдой” Роберт Паттинсон в одном файле! Качаем от сюда: http://www.zipmonster.ru/file37290

  9. Teen.com
    omar says:


  10. Teen.com
    YeeO says:

    obviously she deserves to be on the cover of vogue, just take one look at her and its self explanatory !

  11. Teen.com
    Ashley Fan says:

    I think that’s she’s real beautiful and sexy, but maybe too young for Vogue! maybe in 3 or 5 years, when she comes a little bit older

  12. Teen.com
    Victoria Justice vorrebbe essere cover girl per Vogue e regala consigli | Tutte le news: Justin Bieber Baby, Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Twilight | bambini .eu says:

    [...] Teen.com ha chiesto a Victoria alcuni consigli riguardo ad alcune situazioni. Victoria dice cosa ne pensa dell’amicizia ragazzo-ragazza “se esco con un ragazzo per la prima volta e non scatta la scintilla, non c’è chimica ma è un tipo intelligente e mi sta simpatico, probabilmente vorrei uscire con lui ancora ed essergli amica. Purtroppo, però molti ragazzi non vogliono essere solo amici delle ragazze, o almeno, un certo tipo di ragazzi non è interessato ad una semplice amicizia, ed è un peccato”. Victoria ha dei consigli anche per chi ha cambiato scuola o si trova in un nuovo ambiente “essere di larghe vedute potrebbe aiutare, non aver paura ad approcciarsi con nuove persone e provare a farsi degli amici. E’ importante l’atteggiamento con cui ci si propone agli altri, senza pensare di essere migliori o superiori, ma rendersi disponibili a nuove e divertenti situazioni e soprattutto essere spontanei”. [...]

  13. Teen.com
    amanhdae says:


  14. Teen.com
    reina says:

    hi!my dad meet u at starbucks!remamber

  15. Teen.com
    galang saputra says:

    I like it

  16. Teen.com
    Victoria fan says:

    She would make an awesome vogue cover! @-)

  17. Teen.com
    xxxsecretidentitygirlxxx says:

    yes!victoria please be on covergirl.can you visit my fashion blog(www.lefashionz.blogspot.com) and comment.It wouuld be an honour! : )

  18. Teen.com
    나기세 says:

    Hi, I’m Korean
    Victorious I’m watching in South Korea by
    Google did not speak English are used to
    I’m thinking of studying in the U.S.

  19. Teen.com
    Johnny says:

    Yeah you would make a great Vogue cover girl and I personally do like to be friends with girls because you can talk about things

  20. Teen.com
    Johnny says:

    Yeah you would make a great Vogue cover girl and I personally do like to be friends with girls because you can talk about what u like and personal things

  21. Teen.com
    Dutchie Tom says:

    I’m a boy and I can not believe some boys wouldn’t want to be ‘just friends’ with a girl. Girls are awesome! I hate it that I can only have small talk with my guy friends or talk about cars, games or other men stuff. With a girl you can have a normal conversation about stuff you actually care about.

    I absolutely love Victoria Justice, she’s just so real! Really like that about her :)
    Spread the love <3

  22. Teen.com
    Ruby Ann says:

    Victoria Justice will make the BEST Vogue Cover Girl!

  23. Teen.com
    :) Taylor Breaux says:

    I think her co-star ariana grannde should!! Look her up. shes the sweetest!! Xo <3

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