Top Model Fans Rejoice! Jane Randall Got Signed to IMG, Too

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We know there are some Jane Randall fans on this site, and to the whopping 80% of you who voted in our poll and thought she should have won Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model instead of Ann Ward, we have some good news to share.

VIDEO: Watch Ann watch herself win Top Model!

From the looks of IMG Models’ website, Jane got a modeling contract too! Check out their post-ANTM model shots and tell us: Who do you think is the better model, Jane or Ann?

Oh, and what’s going on with Cycle 15 runner-up Chelsey Hersley you ask? We’ve got an update on her as well…

Chelsey is reportedly signed to Plus Model Management, but their official website is down so we can’t confirm! But if you want to check out Chelsey’s new modeling shots, click here.

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  • rhon09

    Jane looks a lot like Natasha Poly especially in the jaw line and lips area of the face.

  • Tina

    Jane has a beautiful bone.
    I’m glad she got signed!

  • Kate

    I love Ann and Jane. I’m glad they both got signed.

    It’s so weird that Chelsey is only signed to a small-town agency though when she always said how amazing and more professional she was than Ann and the others – guess she wasn’t right.

    • Jayyson

      That’s because Chelsey is an uptight bitch. She was felt threatened and intimidated by the girls who were better than her

  • Kay

    I love Jane!! I’m so glad she got signed to IMG!!

  • Duhduhduh

    Ann! Both a beautiful, but ann is high fashion.

  • Elise

    Jane! Love her :)

  • ed

    jane!!!! Jane!!!!

  • Holly

    Jane, all the way!

  • lol

    i am glad jane didnt win. her post show career peaked. and she is doing better than ann or others, so not winning actually helped. congo jane ( and ann, no hard feelings).. hopefuly both have successful careers

  • AL

    Jane, for sure.

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