Morning Announcements: Lady Gaga Turns Jay Leno Into A Little Monster

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Gaga on Jay Leno

Lady Gaga dished to Leno about her worst first date ever. Oh, and Jay totally fell in love with her. [Just Jared]

Never Say Never might get a Director’s Cut DVD while the movie’s still in theaters, which means we don’t have to wait much longer to watch it, like, every single day. [THR]

Justin Bieber talks to Chelsea Handler about losing at the Grammys. Oh, and he totally turns her into a Belieber. [E!]

Listen to Biebs‘ rumored upcoming single! It’s called “Born To Be Somebody” — not be confused with (equally-great but very different) Gaga‘s “Born This Way.” [AceShowBiz]

Lauren Conrad‘s new reality show may be happening after all! But it’s definitely not happening on MTV. [Us Weekly]

What divorce? Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson spend Valentine’s Day together. [TMZ]

We’re don’t know what Kellan Lutz‘s new movie is about, but we do know he looks ridic hot in it. [Perez]

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  • Cuppie

    He definitely didn’t win that title flairy. It wouldn’t make any sense. Bad Romance came out in November ’09. Baby came out 2 months later in January ’10. Bad Romance peaked at #2 (was literally a point or 2 away from being #1) on Billboard’s Hot 100. Baby peaked at #5. Bad Romance actually has an interesting video worth watching. Baby’s video is just of Bieber going for a girl who’s too old for him (again ) in a bowling alley. Lady GaGa has a much bigger fan base. I have little cousins as well as aunts and uncles who love her. Bieber’s fan base is 16 and under (with the acception of some older minorities). I remember a huge amount of hype for the Bad Romance video when it came out and about how crazy and brilliant it was. I don’t remember any of that for Baby. Anyways it makes me angry. Youtube had to of allowed it to happen by allowing auto-refreshed views or something. Hopefully GaGa can re-claim that top spot on YouTube eventually. The video really does deserve it. No worries though, she’s still #1 on Facebook, Google, and soon to be on Twitter.