80’s Flashback: Watch Candice Accola Sing The Bangles on The Vampire Diaries (Video)

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Last night’s Vampire Diaries was filled with action, drama, and shocking twists, but our favorite part of the episode had nothing to do with any of that stuff…

In a break from all the vampire/witch talk, Caroline (Candice Accola) took to the stage at Mystic Grill and belted out The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame” to profess her love for Matt (Zach Roerig). The scene was as cheesy as it was awesome, and we loved every minute of it.

MORE: Zach and the TVD guys show their wang in GQ!

There isn’t a new episode of The Vampire Diaries until April 7 (Seriously?!?), so this vid will have to hold us over until then.

What did you think of Candice’s performance, and what was your favorite part of episode 216: “The House Guest”? Tell us in the comments!

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  • hakakj123

    Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!

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  • rex

    I like her voice ..Very good ..woowwwwww

  • Trang

    lovely perfomance:Xxxxx

  • JD

    Incredible Performance – Better than the Bangles! She should record again. She absolutely rocks- looks, brains, delivery. She has it all!

  • Nicky B

    Wow somebody give this girl a record deal. I love her voice.

  • Sandy H.

    OMG, what an awesome surprise. I teach voice, and that gal is amazing! Would love to see more, or for her to cut a CD.

  • Ms. Salvatore

    She’s an awesome singer!!!!! When she was singing all I was saying was: damn she’s good! I almost had a heart attack watching that episode.

  • Matthew

    So/ I definitly love the 216 chapter, cause she sangs very well and now, everything starting to make sense.


    LY guys

  • laura

    that’s awesome. didn’t know that she’s singing like this.
    i had goose pimples :)

  • nata.from.russia

    totally awesome!!