Selena and Justin Hit The Red Carpet In Matching Red!

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Although they still haven’t confirmed their relationship, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez hit the red carpet at Vanity Fair‘s exclusive Oscar party arm-and-arm. You know how we know it’s serious? They’re MATCHING. What’s that saying — the couple who gets dressed together stays together?

Do you think Justin and Selena look cute on the red carpet — in matching red, natch?

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  • rabbit

    Nice match.

  • Justin’s Babeeh Britani

    Ilove them Together Im in love wit Justin nd selena Yes im Bi Anywayss Justin is happy nd if Yu r a Real fan aka Belieber Yu wud support him Nd If this wud be Miley then i cud see why yu guys wud be mad But its not Selena is way Pretter nd Better and they r Amazinnn together ♥

  • Selena gamez hater

    Justin is so hot and Selena is so not your goin down Selena

    • Anonymous

      hahaha ur a hater and a b****

      • Your hater

        Your such a hater its not like you would have a chance with him anyways.

  • Bieber Fever

    I agree with you Faith that is so true please reply back to me as soon as you see this message thanks

  • Faith

    i think tht jb and Selena r awesum so stop dissing selena jst cause she may be wiv justin and shes nt datin him 4 the fame, she was famous be4 she went out wiv him and she’s nt tht kind of person 2 use sme1

    • Bieber Fever

      I am so with you because it is true

    • tiana

      WELL maybe to just get fame like there mangers deiced to do that

  • XoXo Moi

    no affence but jb is losing fans by dating her just take Selena gamez hater and shes only dating him for the fame like she did with nick jonas and taylor lautner

  • XoXo Moi

    no affence but jb is losing fans by dating her just take Selena gamez hater and shes onli dating him for the fame like she did with nick jonas and taylor lautner

  • Selena gamez hater

    I hate Selena Gomez I hate her filthy guts because she took Justin away from me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ….

      I bet you even didn’t met him!!!

  • Bieber Fever

    I don’t really care if they are dating because one of my friends is dating my crush…..

  • LOVEyourselfMOREthanALLtheMATERIALstupidTHINGSthatYOUhave

    i really dont care if they are dating or not , but i understand does beliebers that feel that way , because my cruch in school is dating one of my friends but he seems very happy with she so i finally acept that he one day will make my way or someday i will find someone that i can fall into . dont worry girls you will find that person and please acept that he have to be happy tha way that he wants . i am not a belieber or a fan of selena but i really think that that is only publicity;(who dont close the eyes when they are kissing ???); but i really hope not because that will be so bad they are lying to all the world and themselves , i really sick of it . :S

  • crysta

    that cuple should stay together they look so cute thogether

  • crysta

    i just luv justin hes a juise head

  • Anonymous

    they kissed at tht vanity fair oscars party! so adorable

  • Anonymous

    So cute!

  • Dalina

    the best couple ever!!! they are the perfect match!!! 😀

  • Alisa

    whoa, i can not beleve that!

  • vivienne

    Omg! I love this couple