90210 Recap: The Top 5 9021-OMG Moments of Ep. 317, “Blue Naomi”

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90210 had some major OMG moments in last night’s episode, but which one was the most 9021-OMG worthy? From family feuds to fierce frenemies, check out our full recap of episode 317: “Blue Naomi.”

5. Ivy’s new guy has only a few months to live! Super cute college boy Raj confides in Ivy that he’s got leukemia. Major bummer.

4. Dixon hangs with Snoop Dogg! Last week it was Nelly, and this week it’s Snoop? Since when was 90210 the place to keep rappers relevant? Whatevs, we’ll take it.

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3. Naomi has a nerd fetish. Theory confirmed.

2. Annie takes down Evil Emily! OK, we kind of saw this coming throughout the episode, but that didn’t make the take down any less awesome. Annie and Liam band together to prove how cray-cray Emily is to the crew. Not only was the mission accomplished, but they sent Emily packing—bonus!

1. Adrianna begins her plot to destroy Silver. What a cliffhanger! Not only does Adrianna reveal that she knows it was Silver that hooked up with Navid, she sends a topless locker room photo of Silver to the ENTIRE SCHOOL. Not cool Ade. Then again, hooking up with your best friend’s boyfriend isn’t cool either.

What was your favorite moment from last night’s 90210? Tell us in the comments!

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