Morning Announcements: Sonny With A Chance Is No More, Britney’s New Single, and More!

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Sonny With A Chance

Sonny With A Chance is changing its name to So Random. So what does that mean for Sonny Demi Lovato? [Perez Hilton]

Britney Spears collabed with Ke$ha on her latest single! Let’s just say it’s  a million times better than Kim Kardashian‘s new song. [EW]

Is Chord Overstreet more interested in the fame that comes with dating Taylor Swift than actually dating Taylor Swift? Yikes. [E!]

Vanessa Hudgens‘ new butterfly tattoo symbolizes “moving on.” From what? We have a few guesses… [Hollywood Life]

Could Never Say Never earn Justin Bieber an Oscar? You know what they say: #neversaynever. [Hollywood Reporter]

Taylor Momsen hopes young girls will look up to her for… [Hollywire]

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