Breaking Dawn Newbie Angela Sarafyan Spills on Rob and Kristen! (Exclusive)

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Angela Sarafyan

Twi-hards, boy do our friends over at TROIX magazine have a surprise for you. No, they didn’t get a hold of Breaking Dawn 9 months before it hits theaters (but we can dream, right?!), but they did snag an interview with Breaking Dawn newbie Angela Sarafyan, who plays Tia from the Egyptian coven. And they’re sharing it with exclusively!

Find out what Angela dished on working on the movie, chillin’ with Robsten (jeal!) and why she’s so excited for the movie’s release. Click to watch the vid!

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6 Responses to "Breaking Dawn Newbie Angela Sarafyan Spills on Rob and Kristen! (Exclusive)"

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    Diane says:

    She looks like Ashley Greene!

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