Introducing’s New Guest Editor Brittani Louise Taylor!

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Brittani Taylor

We have a huge girl crush on YouTube personality Brittani Louise Taylor, a self-described actress/artist/crazed cupcake fanatic, and we’re thrilled to have her on board as our guest editor this week. We’re addicted to her awesome YouTube vids–and so are all 86,343,408 of the people who have viewed her videos. (So far.)

Click on for our fave Brittani video ever, and check back all week to hear Brittani sound off about Gossip Girl, Taylor Swift, vampires, and everything else that’s awesome.

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6 Responses to "Introducing’s New Guest Editor Brittani Louise Taylor!"

    Jade says:


    David says:

    We love you Brittani!! I’m a big fan of yours and I just love your funny videos they’re Jamazing!! Keep up the good work :D

    Allie says:

    OMG i adore Brittani!! im a HUGE fan! good job brit! xoxoxox I WANT TO MEET U!!!

      Photcharapol says:

      first of all..bless Janelle !! :Du wanna “green” ?? how u can be “green” without water?? even plnats need waters to be green..ow my lord,, 6 days w/o bath?? u must be smells “funny” lol..bless u sweetie :D

    Gabbie says:

    So amazing. Omg. I’m proud of you. You’re the best. <3

    Sarah J says:

    I <3 BLT she is the best.

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