PLL Preview: Is Spoby Up to No Good?

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We can’t help but gush when we see Spencer and Toby holding hands and looking all cute and coupley on Pretty Little Liars. Team Spoby! But we’re sure we’re not the only ones who think that Toby, though hot, may have something up his sleeve. We already kinda know that Caleb isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, but could both Caleb and Toby be up to no good on tonight’s episode, “Someone to Watch Over Me?”

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Watch these preview clips and tell us what you think!

Who do you think is hiding a bigger secret — Caleb or Toby? Who do you like better — Spoby or, uh, Haneb? And who do you think the “Someone” in the episode title refers to? Tell us in the comments!

Oh! And be sure to catch up on last week’s episode, “A Person of Interest,” on

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  • Aislinn

    Toby is totally innocent, i think. GRRRRR Caleb, I was begning to like him too, oh well.