Happy Monday! Introducing, the Crazy Catchy (And Viral) Music Vid, “Friday”

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Rebecca Black

If something is trending on Twitter in like, 20 countries, it’s gotta be cool. And if it’s called “Friday,” uh, it’s gotta be cool. Enter Rebecca Black and her new single and music vid, “Friday.” The song is a mix of excitement for the weekend and a lesson in the days of the week, but also? A really catchy tune that’s sorta like auto-tuned Ke$ha without the glitter and bottle of jack. And, uh, with braces.

Click to watch the hyped-about vid!

Do you like “Friday?” Tell us in the comments!

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  • blah

    who lets her sing? couldn’t listen after the first 30 secs.

  • Anonymous

    how old is she??? i can understand the voice if she was, like, nine or ten, or maybe even eight!!!! but come on girl… you are thirteen

  • jahnalynn SIXX

    i HATE her voice!

  • Anonymous

    Not To Be Rude Or Anything; But She Has NO Talent.. She’s Not A Good Singer D:

  • jaydee

    I mean, whatt?? its just horrible. a kid could write a song better than that!! its like ugghh horrible!! i want to throw up!! i never want to hear her bad nosy voice again! and the vid is real bad too! theres nothing good in this vi whatsoever…

  • Maite

    You are kiddin me right?

  • Your mama! XD

    I love her autotuned, nasaly, disturbing voice! i can tell every one who wants to never hear again will go to all of her concerts to hear her say friday with that beautifuly digusting voice that kills friday lovers across the nation! i can tell that she’ll be #1 like justin bieber in no time! D:

    • Anonymous

      love your sarcasm…XD. i totally agree. i just heard the song this morning on my friends ipod and it really sucked. my friend is going around and showing everybody how bad she is…who allowed her to sing and get a freaking record deal…my little brother sings better than that…even when hes making fun of justin bieber! go get a life girl. you shouldnt be a brit or miley cyrus wannabe

  • Kayleigh Stokes

    Ok i’m usually pretty open about music, but when i heard this i wanted to puke. She has no talent at all!

  • ThatGirl

    Okay… first of all, it’s not pronounced Fri-tay, and that song makes me want to go hide in a hole. She can’t sing at all, and my little brother could’ve written a more intresting song. See what Miley Cyrus influences?? Urgggh.

  • Anonymous

    The reason this is “taking the internet by storm” and trending on twitter is because it sucks so bad.

  • Random Dude

    Ok who the hell allowed her to record in a music studio, or even better who let her open her mouth? :/ music these days…

  • Anonymous

    This is the most boring thing I have ever heard. She couldn’t sing to save her life. She can’t dance, her performance is flat. It would at least be fun if she put an ounce into a song about partying!!! Ugh. Please, let’s put some talent back on top!

  • sarah

    oh my god. i never want to hear this again. really? she’s like 12. she knows nothing about paryting partying and should concentrate on making her voice less annoying

  • SD

    The way she says Friday almost sounds like Sarah Palin

  • KP

    This is terrible. It’s repetitive and her voice is obnoxious.

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  • EstherBracha

    if she becomes big, buy me cripsy beef.
    ive legit never seen nething so bad.