Avery Singer is Back! And Blogging About Prom All This Month

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Avery Singer

She hasn’t even gone yet, but that doesn’t mean Teen.com correspondent and Real Housewives of NYC star Avery Singer hasn’t started thinking about prom yet.

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We’d imagine a hip NYC teen who gets to go to lavish Gossip Girl-like parties would have supersized ideas when it comes to prom, but Avery’s actually pretty traditional. Learn all about her dream prom now and don’t forget to share yours in the comments!

“Prom is something most people look forward to as the highlight of high school. It’s perceived to be a very important night of your teen years, and many imagine their “picture perfect” prom as something straight out of a Disney movie. The girls worry about their dress, hair, makeup, shoes, and most importantly, having a (hot) date.

Some girls dream about being voted the prom queen and having their boyfriend as the king. Sadly, the truth is most proms aren’t going to be exactly like proms in the movies even though we all wish they could be. Instead, prom should really be about feeling beautiful and having the time of your life with your friends before you go off to college.

I have yet to go to prom, but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about it! And yes, my imagination is one straight out of a Disney movie. I imagine my prom not at a school gym, but in a nice rented space that is fit for a big party. It should be a space where one can transform it into ANYTHING. I feel like having a distinct theme (like 60s or Masquerade Ball) would make prom seem cheesy because it’s more about how you want to dress and feel comfortable doing it. I imagine everyone dancing all night long and creating memories that would last a lifetime. Hopefully, there would be a good DJ playing great dance music as well as those nice slow songs. People would be taking their prom photos to remember the night and post them on Facebook for everyone to see.

Now that I’ve told you about my dream prom, tell me about yours in the comments below! And don’t forget to check teen.com/prom for more of my prom blogs (I’ll be tackling the makeup and the dress next!).”

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  • Lizzenuff

    What makes Avery so special? I question Teen.com’s motives in choosing her as a spokesperson for prom. How much did Mommy pay for her to have this gig? I don’t care what she wears, who she goes with or anything else about her prom! Next time pick someone who has something going for her.

  • Maya

    My mom is a fan of the real housewives of New York City. She doesn’t like Ramona.

  • April

    she is a mean girl, just like her snotty, crazy mom!

    • nick

      avery is my niece and ramona is my sister. our father put ramona thru colledge and my mother gave her good taste in clothes. our childhood was not as bad as ramona makes it out to be.

  • hello

    she is a ‘mean girl’, she will grow up with NO female friends, just like her witchy, crazy mom

  • Belle

    Avery is an amazing girl. Despite some of the embarrassing situations she’s had to deal with from Ramona, she always rises above it and usually teaches Ramona a thing or two along the way. Whether it’s a Ramona fashion faux pas or just general misbehaving and immaturity on Ramona’s part, Avery has always seemed wise beyond her years. I think she’s the antithesis of a spoiled brat. She’s always seemed very sensible and articulate, VERY stylish and will clearly go far in life. Bravo!! :)

  • Lulu

    she is such a spoiled witch.

    • Anonymous

      I think she is a wonderful daughter. She may be spoiled with material items, but she is not a witch. I see a her becoming a very caring and successful adult. Her parents did a wonderful job not pretending in front of her. I love that her mom talked to her like she was an adult and loved her like she was the greatest gift on earth.

    • Belle

      @Lulu Jealousy is a very sad emotion.

  • Caroline

    Avery I love the dress you are wearing during your parents wedding renewal. Any suggestions would be awesome!!!

  • becca

    my ideal prom is like disney movie too!!!!! it seems so amazing

  • citygirl

    can’t wait to see your makeup and dress blogs 😀

  • kara3456

    i’m so excited to go to prom! yes i totally agree with everything you say
    btw i totally love you’re all natural look! you are so pretty

  • angelica

    avery, i love some of your natural makeup looks. can you tell us how to get those for prom?

  • stacy

    avery u r so pretty wut do u use in your hair can u tell me k thz love u and love ur show

  • BellaStar98

    wow avery ur prom is gonna be so cool in NYC and all