We’re Already Obsessed With Debby Ryan’s New Disney Show! Here’s Why.

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The Sprouse Brothers are cute and all, but Debby Ryan is the main reason we still watch Suite Life around the clock. Our time spent watching Disney is about to double, because Debby is getting her very own show.

Here’s the scoop!

Jessie, which premieres next fall, is about a small-town Texas girl (which is especially awesome since Debby grew up in the Lone Star state in real life) who moves to NYC to nanny for a rich fam. Sorta like that Scarlet Johannson movie The Nanny Diaries, which you’ve obviously forgotten all about by now since it wasn’t too memorable.

Will you watch Jessie? Comment below!

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  • gregory

    for bein an old man I really enjoy debbie ryan makes me wish I was 40 years younger you keep at it girl you are goin places thank you I enjoy it thanks happy old man

  • jimmy

    had a nanny one but not as fun as jessie vary pretty nanny ox

  • party rock

    debby ryan is sexy

  • nykiyah

    i love debby ryan ,she is the best actress.
    she is a great nanny on jessie.she has many fans and i am one of them

    • nykiyah

      no only on dish or cable

  • SEXY and i know it

    love new show… can i watch it online anywhere..? xxx <3 write back pleasee.. !! xx :)

    • nykiyah

      no only on dish and cable

    • nykiyah

      she is fab

  • Anonymous

    jessie, debby is awesome completely i luv her!!!!!!!!!

  • aniyah

    I like Debby,s shows . she is awesome.i like her . i am a fan of her.i washed i was awesome like her . im her bigits fan.i love her. she is my friend

  • sorry bout dark a shes cooco and bipolar so sorry

  • hate haters of debbi love fans of her call me at 339-4670 if your a debbi fan.

    • nykiyah

      girl thats right