10 Things to Know About It Brit Jessie J

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Odds are you’ve seen or heard Jessie J somewhere — her performance on SNL, her song, “Price Tag,” Selena Gomez’s version of her song, “Price Tag” — but who exactly is that freakin’ awesomely dressed Brit? Oh, ya know, just the next huge thing in pop music and the girl who wrote the most famous Miley Cyrus song ever. No big deal.

Click on for 10 must-know facts about Jessie J!

Do you like Jessie J? What’s your fave of her songs? Share in the comments!

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  • Carol

    “Who You Are’,, really love that song.. inspired me.. :)

  • scarlet withers

    i luv jessie shes beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jane

      That insight solves the prbleom. Thanks!

  • Mariana Nevarez


  • unkwown..AHHAHA

    Heck Yes i do like Jessie J! Who doesn’t?!