Shay Mitchell to Teen Vogue: “I Was Bullied In High School!”

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Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell might be the last person we would expect to be bullied. She’s gorgeous, for one, and she’s so freakin’ nice (trust us, we’ve met her). But pre-Pretty Little Liars, the model-turned-actress was the victim of some Mean Girls-worthy, um, mean girls.

Bet they feel pretty stupid now. Click to see what Shay did to deal!

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She told Teen Vogue, “Girls who used to be my friends bullied me. Instead of eating lunch in the cafeteria, I’d find the quietest place at school and eat by myself. I realized that bullying never has to do with you. It’s the bully who’s insecure.”

She added, “So I went back to the cafeteria and sat myself down, and when the girls walked by, I just smiled like they didn’t bother me!”

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  • THenu

    watch her when i was 17 video you can see she wasnt bullied.

  • Nadia

    Honestly, I believe coco_rosie and I’m guessing that this was less “bullying” than drama or a falling-out between (ex) friends. And now she’s amending her story to fit the topic of bullying since it’s trending/popular these days. I’ve seen pictures from her high school years, and it’s clear that she was popular. Definitely not an outcast, and definitely not someone who would experience the *real* isolation and hurt that victims of bullying these days face.

  • shaym-fan

    I love shay as an actor and as a person! She is so nice, and really proud of her for being a risk taker. It must have sucked to go through that…i sure know what it’s like to feel excluded from your friend group.

  • coco_rosie.

    I went Shannon’s high school in Vancouver,I would hardly say she was bullied. Quite the opposite really

  • I luuuv pll

    Why wouldn’t she be bullied? This is because I can’t imagine how many girls were, and still are, jealous of her. I mean, she’s sooooo pretty!!!!!