Here’s a Shocker: The Secret Life of the American Teenager Really Likes Sex

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Secret Life of the American Teenager

We’ll admit, The Secret Life of the American Teenager is one of the most sexually charged shows on TV and that’s why we love it. Come on. Two teenage pregnancies by two of the main characters in one high school? We get it. We need to use protection. But we didn’t realize just how big a role sex played in the show until we saw this hilarious vid, where someone with too much time on their hands counted just how many times they say “sex” in one episode…

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And let’s just say it’s a lot. Watch the vid below!

Whoa! That’s a lot! Are you surprised? Do you think Secret Life talks too openly about sex or do you think it’s good? Tell us in the comments!

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  • brainwashing

    the acting btw is so cheesy and fake what dad lets his underage daughter take off cross country and has conversations with his teenage kids about blowjobs and raw dogging lol wow this show’s brainwashing stay away from tv

  • brainwashing

    this show brainwashes kids to bang each other and have multiple partners man im 32yrs old back in the 90’s beverly hills 90210 wasnt like this nothing was promoting banging everyone the way this show does

  • Willow laughing at you

    I’m wondering quite seriously about the other episodes in the series.
    Is it just me or does this seem kind of light for a single episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager?

  • sweet and sour

    Not suprised! and I think that it’s bad thing that they are open about it. There are kids watching these kinds of shows now a days ( DO NOT KNOW WHY!).

  • mook plane gang !

    #i love you dalreal (:
    & will wait two you wnt have “SEX” !

  • dalreal

    They making it look like sex a good thing by putting it like that.Saying “SEX” a 100,000,000 times.I think its not good because it make kids who watch want to have sex.

  • sabrina miller

    i am surprised that they sex sooo much. ok truth i ain’t surprised a bit. I love this show. And i am always loving to watch the newest ones. And its our choose if we want to watch it.

  • Lauren

    51 gosh that is just way too many times

    • sweet and sour

      There was more than 51, it was 70! that’s a lot but i’m not suprised

  • Anonymous

    ok. I applaud scret life for teaching us about what can happen when we have SEX, and everythign else, BUT GOSH DARN IT..STOP USING THE WORD “SEX” SO MUCH. WE KNOW ITS ABOUT SEX.SECRET LIFE WE KNOW THE SHOW IS ABOUT SEX. SAY DAT WORD”SEX” 2 OR 3 TIMES AND THAT’S IT YOUR DONE

  • Jbiebsluhvr

    mhmm great role models they are. little girls and boys want to become actors and singers one day and this is the example media gives to thm. truly wonderful?

  • adi

    lmao that is hilarious

  • Ryan Ciani

    I noticed it all the time. every conversation leads up to the word sex and its gross. find something better to do like watch a movie or read a book. thats why I stoped watching it.

  • Miss B-day Girl

    hahaha wow thats why i dont watch that show


      I LOVE YOU



  • iluvnova13

    OMG i cannot wait to see PROM im so excitd gonna hit the theaters april 29 with my girles then we r gonna go 4 pizza yayyyyyy

  • prom29nova

    omg here we go again sex is invading young kids minds seriosly through shows movies and tv kids think more alot sex now bad examples kids like 12 year olds watch shows about sex and about 750000 get pregnant every year it sad to watch this happen to inncennt kids

  • alligator sky

    honesly people need to stop making sex movies and shows children’s head are becomin messed up. they should enjoy their young life instead of having sex or doing drugs people set them a bad example watever people need to stop

    • sweet and sour

      I totally agree!

  • Guess Who

    I mean, who does that?!? L for Lose (maybe Ls)

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  • Alexia

    ROFL! xD