Enter Our Contest For Your Chance to Be Featured in Willow Smith’s Album!

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Willow Smith

Sure, CDs are kind of outdated, but we totally still buy them because of those super hot pics that come in them. Ya know, the one where the singer looks so gorg on the album sleeve? Well now we’re giving you a chance to actually be in that little booklet for Willow Smith’s upcoming album! For real!

Here’s how to enter…

Visit our friends at Glogster.com, where you’ll follow directions to make a poster inspired by Willow’s new single, “21st Century Girl.” Willow will pick one grand-prize winner whose design will be featured in her booklet. That means every single person who buys Willow’s album will see your poster. And that’s definitely a reason to whip your hair back and forth, eh?

Oh, and did we mention the winner will also win an iPad2, the runner-up will win an iPod touch, and both will win $100 worth of autographed swag from Willow?

What are you waiting for? Click here to enter now!

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  • It is good idea to promote the young and new talent..
    Willow Smith is doing well. I appreciate it.
    Alas I could also participate in this competition but i am not so creative.. :-(

  • This is an opportunity for everyone who is interested in poster designing, including me..:-)
    well, Willow Smith is working best for promoting young talent, an Ipad2 and Ipod is no doubt great prizes but the real worth thing is autographed swag from Willow..

  • That’s such a great gesture from Willow Smith to encourage young talents. A chance to have your artistic work viewed by Willow Smith’s fans is sure a great motivation specially that the runner up gets something too. Can’t wait to hear the album and see the winning poster.

  • Hi willow
    Your cool outfits and hair cutest ive ever seen and I’m trying get in soon very soon and I want you to be in my first video
    and can’t wait till your cd online…


  • cheyanne

    just can’t stop

  • eniya

    i luv willow

  • Susan Vanorden

    please let me win

  • vantashier

    you so awsome i wish i was like you

  • Danielle

    Hey willow im a big fan and i want u 2 make another glog contest please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jazmen w

    Omg willow ur outfits and hair r too cute I’m trying ta get in the singing industry soon very soon amd I want u to be in my first video!and can’t wait til ur cd!

  • Keilah

    if i can only meet you and tell your best friend that she luck to have a friend like you

    • jazmen w

      Girllll I feel the same way!

  • plamedi

    i am your number #1 fan.

  • ruzina begum

    check my latestest glog and ur so coooooooool

    what’s ur next song going to be?