Must-Watch Vid: This Adorable Baby Sings Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

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Justin Bieber

The only thing cuter than Justin Bieber singing “Baby?” An actual baby singing “Baby.” Oh, and these guys lip syncing to “Baby.” But really, this baby. Got that?

We’re confused. Just watch this video of an adorable toddler who put his own spin on the Biebs’ famous song. And pay very close attention to his rendition of Ludacris’ rap part. You will 100 percent die of cuteness.

Click to watch!

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Was that cute or what?! What’s your favorite “Baby” — or uh, baby — video? Share in the comments!

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  • zendayafan

    that is so cute

  • lol

    i cracked up when he didn’t know the words to the rapping part

  • delaney

    aww… how cutee i love it baby!

  • nepoznato

    ajmeeee kako si sladak presladak

  • Anonymous

    lol aww

  • carson

    wow cute black kid

  • Anonymous

    LOL he’s gonna be a major singer when he’s older!!!

  • ipsita

    baibe baibe baibe aoooooooooo, like baibe baibe baibe NOOOoooooo, like baby baby bay oh!!! CHOOO CHWEET!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellie

    Omg that was adorable! Soooo cute! :)

  • keke

    this is sooo cute!! omg just like so cute:)

  • claudia Montaner

    he is so cute i love the dancing awwwww :) <B

  • Sadie

    Take little kid singing was so cute but after a while the voice got really ANNOYING!

  • no one

    awwwwww soooo cute!

  • katie

    this baby is soooo cute and he sings very well

  • katie

    this baby is sooooooooooo cute and he sings very well .!!!!!

  • analiz

    ohmygosh! Justin Bieber looks so hot shirtless!

  • analiz

    i bored! any comments?

    • holli

      wow nice so am i!

  • analiz

    that was so cute! i loved it! <3

  • Savanna&&Christy

    This is too cutee!
    He already has a pretty good voice!

  • Anonymous

    Lol i Love Luda Part

  • lilly

    haha i luv how he is dancing like crazy when he doesnt know the words

    super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    his parents better save this for his wedding day. Thats priceless!!

  • Rachy

    That just made my day!:) haha my fav part was the going “down, down, down” part

  • lisa

    that was so cute

  • Oh!

    i think the funniedt thing iz that the baby’s voice is actually lower then the voice on the track