Morning Announcements: Is Selena Gomez The New Ashton Kutcher?

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Selena has reportedly signed on to star in a Disney version of Ashton’s hilar MTV show Punk’d. We would watch! Especially if Biebs guest-stars…[Zap2It]

Charice covers Lady Gaga! This version of “Born This Way” just might be our new fave. [HollywoodLife]

Is Sucker Punch the worst movie of the entire year? If the box office is any indication…[E!]

Armie Hammer, who totally looks like a real-life prince, has been cast in the new Snow White opposite the lead role Kristen Stewart is in talks for. [Popeater]

In other exciting movie news, James Franco and Mila Kunis are going to Oz! They’ve officially joined the cast of the Wizard of Oz prequel. [ComingSoon]

Willow Smith‘s Annie reboot still might be happening, but Glee‘s Ryan Murphy definitely won’t be directing. [Deadline]

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  • selena

    hallo selena my name is selena to but can i get justin his number?

  • smartgirl11581

    I thought justin and selena were meant for each other but i guess things change.

    selena, i have things to say to you, you need to find the right path and make SMART choices because when you flipped off in frount of the carmra, i bet it disapointed your fans. be the beauitful, smart, caring, and talented person I know you are. { like you aren’t now:) }

    maybe you should try to go to collage because you are still young but you don’t have to but try to think about it:)


  • ???

    what an ugly selena.. she thinks shes pretty.. its not…

    • selena

      hey listen up selena is not ugly oke

    • #1_trueSelibitchhater_killer

      i know huh ppl think she’s beutiful and all that crap but she’s just a little bitch using justin bieber for her carriear because on wizards of waverly place she was going to end on 2012 & they were going to get another whatever her name is in there now she could finish when ever she wants because don’t u guys think that they weren’t 2 muckh of friends before and fom night – day they’re going out WIERD HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • shane
  • anonymus

    finally jb got taller, a year ago he was way shorter than selena

  • DisneyInfoNet

    Hey guys,

    It is completely false on this story about the Selena Gomez Punk’d type series. A Disney spokesperson told that it was completely fabricated and the orginal source for it was so that also should tell you that the info is not that reliable to begin with.


  • Selena June Galloway

    u guyz make a really gud couple and you loke hot on the red carpet :)