Hot List: The Best of the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards Nominees

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Kids Choice Awards 2011 Nominees

What are you doing this Saturday night? Because if your answer was “nothing” or “I don’t know yet,” stop it. Because we have the best plans for you ever — watching the Kids’ Choice Awards. And we swear, it’s gonna be way more fun than all those adult awards shows, partly because pretty much every single celeb that we stalk love here at is nominated for something. We’re talking Katy and Justin and Selena and Joe and Taylor and…

Oh, just click through our mega-gallery to see our fave nominees and which orange blimps they’re up for!

MORE: 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards nominees!

And make sure to check out all the nominees at before tuning into the show at 8 EST, Saturday, April 2!

Who are you rooting for at the KCAs? Share in the comments!

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3 Responses to "Hot List: The Best of the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards Nominees"

    Valeria Vega says:

    why is lady gaga wearing that???

    rose says:

    I love watching all these award shows. Working for DISH Network I had my husband buy me the Google TV for Valentines Day. It is the best present ever. While I am watching the Kids choice awards I can also have my internet up on my TV and be tweeting about all the stuff happening on it. I love to see all the comments about what they are wearing or how the performances were. Now I can do it right from the couch. I love it!

    lizzy says:

    I would i love him!!!

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