Is Zanessa Happening Again? All Signs Point To “Yes!”

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Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Zanessa have been dunzo for a few months now, but Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted sneaking around again just last weekend. V-Hud looked super hot in Sucker Punch so it’s no surprise Zac that realized what he was missing.

Click on to read about their rendezvous in Los Angeles!

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14 Responses to "Is Zanessa Happening Again? All Signs Point To “Yes!”"

    Christina says:

    Zac and vanessa r perfect, bu f they don’t think that. It’s their life. I’m ok with that, I mean yeah theyre a great together. But it’s up to them! Go Vanessa and zac

    kc says:

    they r prfect 2gether …<<33

    Citlalli says:

    i miss them, :(

    anonymous says:

    I thought Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson is sort of dating but in my opinion Zanessa is the best couple in the whole world.

    bOy CuT3 ^_^!! says:

    i search the internet if zac and vanessa are still bf/gf i wanted to know more about them i wish this is true but reading about the other comments they’re saying that this is not true this is the only relationship that i was being concern of because i really think that they’re good to look at i mean vanessa is BEAUTIFUL!!! and troy is HOT!!! they match together so beautiful love the chemistry in high school musical from 1-2-3 i love all the parts even now i still watch high school musical just to see the two in a romantic way a lover can be but seeing them in the real world SEPERATE it DESTROYS me i wanna see them together i can’t say forever but atleast a life time that would be my wish me and my girlfriend our love story is like zac’s that’s why i wanna see them together…..

    roma kapadya says:

    i wish 2 dat dey cum bck coz dey both r jst mde fr each other nd ya if zac/vaneesa ur redin dis i wud lke 2 say uh dat in india ppl r dyin 2 c uh bck n especialy meh so plzz cem bck 2 gether n if ur patched up den muuuuaaaahh……..;)

    shem says:

    i hope they’re back !! i find them really cute when they’re together . coz when they go out solos all i can is PLAIN !!!!!!!! enk ! Zanessa get back together ! NOW ! :))

    giovanna says:

    aiiiiiii not believe my god hopefully not just a rumor

    annoyed says:

    hahaha..not funny! *straight face*

    aryanna says:

    Yayyyy i am happy that they are back together

    Mary says:


    lvee says:

    my friend just slit her wrists because of this joke, its really not funny to get our hopes up like that! you dont understand this isnt a joke zanessa spiting up hurts us

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