Rob Pattinson Thinks Breaking Dawn Hackers Should Be “Destroyed”

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Robert Pattinson

You know all those hackers who published spoiler pics from the set of Breaking Dawn? Robert Pattinson thinks you are a [expletive] and that you should be destroyed. Seriously. And while we sorta agree, we have to admit those leaked snapshots have been posted all over our room. Embarrassing.

Click to watch this (unintentionally hilar) interview!

MORE: Rob Pattinson calls Breaking Dawn a “horror movie” and we are so there!

Do you think Rob should be angry? Are you angry? Or are you happy that you got to see Breaking Dawn set pics way before the movie debuts? After all, the Twilight filmmakers sure are making fans wait an excruciatingly long time for the new movie.

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  • sheri

    to a point he can be upset but thats the breaks you deal with when your in show biz don’t get me wrong i like to be surpirsed as well i can hardly wait to see the movie but like it or not thats the way the world works and some people don’t have enough respect to keep some things private. but if you don’t want it don’t be in the busisness people thrive on stuff like that its the way of our society

  • jenifer

    I think Rob has the right to be furious! I’m angry too! It’s something they’ve been working soo hard on and to be leaked, like half the movie soo ahead of time! I refused to watch all the leakage because there is actually people who want to be surprised at theater!! It disrespect the actors and crew work! And that people should be punished by the law plus destroy that hacker system of theirs…