Awkward Alert! Zac And Vanessa Show Up at Same Event. But Not Together

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Uh, can you say awkward? At last night’s premiere of Ashley Tisdale‘s new straight to DVD movie, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, all her High School Musical biffsters went out to support her. Yup, even Zac Efron. And Vanessa Hudgens. But not together, of course. The two took their turns walking the red carpet and taking pics with Ashley and we’re assuming they went out of their way to not be photographed together. Because then we would assume they were back on or something. And that would be weird.

But do you wish Zac and Vanessa walked the red carpet together? Do you think they had an awkward encounter at the event? Do you want them to get back together?! We wanna know all in the comments!

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  • annabel

    wow guys sharpay i love ur dress and vanessa o my god u r pretty and zac love ur jacket and the high school muisical movie was awoesome who wrote the lines?


  • flicka

    i thot they were back together

  • just ask

    pfff, ZANESSA BE TOGETHA(again:P)

  • kylarabell


  • 12345678ICANCOUNT

    ZANESSA Please?! I Want them back together! They’re the cutest and hottest couple EVER!

  • Vanessa-Freak!

    They should be together<3 They could just walk the red carpet as friends!

  • IloveZac

    I love Zac SO much!! I hope him and Vanessa get back together soon!!!(:
    and yes, good think the mustache didnt last long. haha

  • alexia

    but later today u said that Zac had a Mustache…Well, if this was from last night, where is it? The Mustache thing didn’t last very long did it Zac? (thank god) haha 😉 x