Nolan Sotillo Sings Cutest Song Ever For PROM

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Nolan Sotillo

When we interviewed Nolan Sotillo about his upcoming flick PROM, he mentioned his singing career — but he didn’t tell us how amazingly awesome of a singer he really is. It seems like every young actor wants to be a “slash singer” these days, but Nolan totally has the voice (and the total Justin Bieber-esque adorableness) to succeed.

Watch the vid here!

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Are you excited to see Prom? Do you think “We Can Be Anything” will be perfect for the film? Tell us below!

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  • Alyssa

    I love his voice! ♥

  • carrie

    i love u

  • mads

    he doesn’t have a bad voice hes accutally pretty good 😀

  • Ginny

    of course the song is perfect for the film,it’s the theme song for Lucas and Simone haha,my favorite couple on the movie

  • BiebsFan

    I just don’t get how any of those creepe guys think tht they could be the next Bieber.. Just is ONE ND THE SAME! I’m not falling for it.. For me There is just one Bieber nd it’s Justin! Once a Belieber Always a Belieber

    • BiebsFan

      Ohh but i still like the voice..