Taylor Momsen Calls Song Writing “Torturous.” No Surprise There (Exclusive Video)

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Taylor Momsen

Little J from Gossip Girl? Now she’s Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless. Our fave Upper East Sider has gone hard-core rocker chick with her band’s new album Light Me Up, and she enlightened us on everything from what song she’d sing on Glee to why song writing is a totally “torturous” process. Unfortch, we didn’t get the secret to her super dark smokey eye or how to wear tights as pants, but, hey, there’s always next time.

Click on to watch the exclusive Q&A!

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  • leah xx

    i am i am a zombie hello hello you push me to go tto go to go
    love you taylor xxx :) xxx

  • leah

    i love taylor soooo much i think my fave is zombie xx :)


    not much of a fan but hear voice sounds a lot older than she is when she’s singing

  • soomebooodyyy

    I’m addicted to The pretty reckless! I love Make me wanna die!! Go taylor 😀