From Our BFFS: Is Charice Joining the Glee Summer Tour?!

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In a new interview, Charice spills on her Glee BFF and the possibility of her joining their summer tour! Yes! This has to happen. [Seventeen]

Justin Bieber covered Selena Gomez’ “Who Says” at a concert! Hm. And we thought our boyfriends taking us out to dinner was romantic. [JSYK]

Adam Irigoyen from Shake It Up considers himself to be “the male version of Selena Gomez.” Can’t decide if that’s cool or creepy. [Just Jared Jr]

Lady Gaga is totally just like we were in high school; A ‘loser.’ Except probably with much weirder clothes than we’ll ever have. [Hollywire]

Speaking of Gaga, the video for “Judas” will premiere on an upcoming ep of American Idol! Guess FOX is cool with making political statements on national TV, eh? [4TNZ]

Guys, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj are totally BFFs. Looks like that’s what going on tour together will do to you. [Popdust]

Could the princess of pop aka Beyonce be singing at the princess’ wedding? How hilar if she sang about putting a ring on it… [Posh24]

We never really thought so before but come to think of it, Secret Life and Teen Mom actually have a lot in common. Do you agree? [Wetpaint]

Words of wisdom from Hayden Panettiere? Don’t get a tattoo while in a foreign country because it might get messed up. Um, ya think?! [Cambio]

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    charice’s performance, feel the BLAST, LIVE (crisp HD video)

  • melay

    yea at the top cha…ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope to see more of u on i jst go online to check ur update…and spent 3hours a day to check ur youtube video…..gggggrrrrrrrr im chaddicted nw..hehehhe muwah!

  • MrAspirant08

    Excited for the new gigs of Charice!!!

  • mark

    yahoo dat wud be awesome

  • Fly N Dance

    maybe not coz she’ll be busy promoting her singles, one day and before it explodes and shooting the music videos and filming here comes the boom. charice is super busy.