Justin Bieber is Not Impressed by Lookalike Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber

While we’d just about FAH-REAK if we saw a Justin Bieber lookalike and would hyperventilate and think that it was actually him, the Biebs himself? Well, let’s just say he’s not exactly impressed by this guy hanging out backstage at Chelsea Handler’s show, After Lately, trying to be him. He’s got the hair, the purple hoodie, the kicks and the swag, but Justin was just not having it. At least crack a smile Justin, eh?

What do you think of the Biebs impersonator? Watch the vid and tell us!

Do you think that dude did a good Biebs impression? We wanna know in the comments!

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  • Some One

    Well my oppinion is a fact, its just a bunch of random poop people put online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leslie

    da vid dont werk!

  • mariah strong

    i dont like greyson chance he is gay and i dont think he will ever be like jb.