Vote! Which Kardashian Do You Like Better?

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E! Online

Don’t worry, K-dash fans. We’re not making you vote on your fave sister. That’s just mean! But we are having you vote on your fave Kardashian campaign! Or should we say Kardashian Kampaign? Anyway, the peeps over at E! Online are gearing up the promos for season 6 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and want the fans’ help in picking their fave ad.

So, which super sexy ad’s got your pick?

Click the pics below for closeups and vote over at E! Online on which you like better! The winning ad will be revealed next Monday on E! News.

And just for fun (the E! votes matter, the ones not so much…), vote for your fave pic below! Which one do you think should be used in the campaign?

Vote below and spill in the comments!

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2 Responses to "Vote! Which Kardashian Do You Like Better?"

    Lala says:

    lets go…..yayyyyyyyyyyy

    Anonymous says:

    Face Out!

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