Hot Guy Alert: Rob Pattinson Wears the Ugliest Color Ever And Still Looks Hot

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Truth — Robert Pattinson‘s suit that he wore to the Berlin, Germany premiere of Water for Elephants looks straight out of a 1975 wedding. Sorry, whoever designed it. But since it’s Robert freakin’ Pattinson, and he could look hot in nothing a paper bag on the red carpet, we’re letting it slide. Especially because while walking the RC, he did his usual awkward poses and trademark hair flip. We die.

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Do you think Rob looked hot at the premiere? What do you think of the brown suit? Tell us now in the comments!

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  • WTF

    UMMM FIRST OF ALL WHO EVER WROTE THE TITLE FOR THIS THING EFFING SUCKS!!! YOUR RASCIST!!! YOU SAID “Rob Pattinson Wears the Ugliest Color Ever” and he’s wwearing brown! are you suggesting african americans are ugly bcuz they have a brown skin color!! will look here honey, you jost loss a visitor to this website because of YOUR misjudgement! and not only that but i WILL tell my frendz not to go on here too. and btw IM AFRICAN AMERICAN!

    • Haley Longman

      HI! Sorry you took it that way, but we just meant the color is ugly on CLOTHING. Not ugly in general.

      • WTF

        Yeah I Overreacted Just A Bit….But Im Still Kinda Bothered By It. Anyway, Thanks For saying That. Im Not A Mean Person Really! I Just Read That Wrong. I Do Love This Website.

  • Wow

    ok i know a dued that looks just like rob and now i see what he would look like in that same thing!!! soo cool he is talented