Is Vanessa Hudgens Going To Be On Glee?!

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Vanessa Hudgens is playing a pregnant, homeless teen in her next movie, Gimme Shelter, but, HSM fans, V’s musical days are not necessarily only a thing of the past. Vanessa told that Glee — yes, that Glee — is not entirely out of the question.

Wait, so does that mean Vanessa will be on the show?

She would be, but that doesn’t mean she will be. Vanessa said:

“I totally would. I’m all for musicals. I love what they are doing (on Glee). I’m very go with the flow, so if it happens, awesome!”

Oh, and Vanessa has also made the announcement that she’s moving from LA to New York! Let’s hope she can fit in some time to film Glee before she moves. Just sayin’.

Do you think Vanessa on Glee would be awesome? Do you wish she’d return to her days of singing and dancing? Tell us in the comments

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  • aiwen

    why not?????
    she is a talent girl! :)HATERS lets give Vanessa a chance but seriously her voice what can i say must improve some,i dint watch glee before but i think there may have lots of great voices,and haters eventhough u keep posting some hating comments that u dont want vanessa to be in it haha if vanessa want to do it u cant stop her,she will do what she wants :)
    so haters what u have to do is watch our vanessa in GLEE đŸ˜€

  • lizzy

    i would never in a million years think that Vanessa would be on glee and the thought alone makes me sick glee is awesome and if they get her to be on it will ruin the whole show for me and thats coming from a true gleek.

  • Anonymous

    NO she should not be i love glee and just thinking about her being in there made me hate glee… NO

  • jem

    she was playing someone sweet back at HSM. This would be a good time to explore the potential of her singing! heck if i had i voice good enough, id definitely want tosee what it could do. i say, ”HECK YEAH!” :)))))

  • Anonymous

    It would be fun to see her part of the Glee, Hope they will consider her.

  • Seph Lopez

    YESS! that would be fun, that would be really great for nessa cause she’s doing a musical appearance again, maybe her and zac will meet their! :)

  • nmemes

    she never fucking said she was moving to NY!
    she’s only going to NY to film Gimme Shelter

    get your fucking fact before you post crap!

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  • vanessafan15

    heck yes she should be on glee and she should move to new york cause then i could be able to meet him

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  • Citlalli

    LOL …HUDGENS, :3

  • Citlalli





  • Tiara

    No. Lord please NO!
    Love Glee, hate Vanessa. Her voice may be ok in HSM but absolutely NOT in Glee. Way too many talented artists with amazing voices compared to Vanessa.

  • Patricia

    Oh God, no no no. She has a decent voice and all but she’ll sound like absolute shit next to Lea.

  • Gleek

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ew God no. Didn’t people see her butcher Rent last year, wasn’t the general public tortured enough when she opened her mouth to scream cat calls, please don’t ruin a perfectly wonderful show.

  • mimi

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I HATE HER >.< SHE SUX ..she'll ruin the show .. i'll say she can say gdbye to her HM dys this is glee not tht lame movie =.= i mean wat other than nude pix is she going to bring for the show?

  • vanessa matos

    adoraria ela no glee!!super linda

  • Rizal

    I’m very disappointed with Vanessa, cos She parted ways with Zac Efron.
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