Victoria Justice Sings About Her “Best Friend’s Brother!” Awkward?

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Victoria Justice "Best Friend's Brother" New Single

Victoria Justice has a brand new single, and it’s called “Best Friend’s Brother,” where she’s totally singing about how her BFB is the one for her. Which of course begs the question, who exactly is Vic singing about? Does Miranda Cosgrove have a hot brother? Or maybe Ariana Grande does? Hmm…

Take a listen to Victoria’s new single right here!

Who do you think Victoria is singing about? Do you like her new song? Sound off in the comments!

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  • o.k.

    the song is sou cool but i can’t find the song on youtube (:(

  • Alejandra

    i want to know who designed her dress? anyone know who? i really what this dress!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zoe

    What were you talking about when you say bfb

  • Zoe

    Do you have a My day My life and i want to be on Victorius

  • Zoe

    What are the other songs?

  • Zoe

    i love best friends brother!

  • jazmin

    I wish I was you so I could be on your show

  • briana

    me and my friend are arguing about who the best friends brother is and i think it is zac efron.and my friend doesnt no who but she thinks that it is not zac efron

    • Anaa Marinaa

      Its not Zac Efron, I thought so too but it’s not. He’s cute though :)

  • kia

    i think this song is simply ah-mazing. i am sooo curious about who victoria is singing about!

  • najah

    i luv this song

  • Caitlyn Siearra

    This song reminds me of me and my ex and his sister. Me and his sister turned out to be best friends… But i secretly still love him.

    • briana

      omg omg me and my ex broke up wat was yur exs name

  • samantha anahi cazares

    i love u victorias..i am so inlove with your song”bfb” i love it super duper much….GOOD LUCK..VICTORIAS…!!!love ya…

    • Anonymous

      good luck with what she is already famous

  • victoria

    omg I love bfb it rocks

  • lena

    i love this song so much,and she is so good{3.

  • Lilu

    Download her songs from It is free reliable site to download media. I was wondered the the quality is great.

  • Malchica

    @ vjusticeforever
    so tru, I luved it immediately

    • briana

      thats messed up

  • vjusticeforever

    I love this song! It’s so pop/rock and peppy… and i think EVERY girl can relate to it =)

  • Cameron grant

    Victoria justice new song is awsome

  • no . 1 fan

    i love victoria justice soooo match !!!!

    • elexis sledge

      I love this song soooo much

  • isaiah

    i love her new song.

  • isaiah

    i love her.

  • Cami Beem

    WOWZA!!! If you dont want her to know, then why are you writing a song about it? JK Luv u VICTORIA!!! :) This is one of your greatest songs. I honestly wish you good luck. Tell her how you feel GIRLY!!! If she is a BFF then she will totally understand.

    • Rachel

      I LUV U VICTORIOUS U ROK my brother says ur hot i think ur awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      u r so kool and i wish u good luck vic. anyway i luv ur new song its one of the best songs in the world anyway i luv u victoria justice my whole famaly loves u specally ME