Tyler Posey is Basically Shirtless The Entire Premiere of Teen Wolf. And We Like It.

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If one set of perfectly sculpted werewolf abs weren’t enough to keep you sustained, then you’ll definitely want to check out Tyler Posey‘s, the star of MTV’s new show Teen Wolf. Teen.com got a special sneak peek of the first ep, and well, it’s prett-y hot…and we’re not just talkin’ bout the guys. Click on to peep some exclusive pics of the entire cast.

Teen Wolf Pics

Is it just us, or is this cast ridiculously good looking?

(L-R) Holland Roden as Lydia; Colton Haynes as Jackson; Dylan O'Brien as Stiles; Crystal Reed as Allison; Tyler Posey as Scott; Tyler Hoechlin as Derek

Photo: Dewey Nicks/MTV

Teen Wolf Pics

Scott develops superhuman powers (other than being hot) which help him with his lacrosse game.

(L-R) Colton Haynes as Jackson; Tyler Posey as Scott; Dylan O'Brien as Stiles

Photo: MTV

Teen Wolf Pics

Um, hi mom!

Tyler Posey plays Scott McCall in Teen Wolf

Photo: MTV

Teen Wolf Pics

Is Scott (Tyler Posey) putting Jacob Black (and Taylor Lautner) to shame?

And a million more reasons you're going to love Tyler are...

Photo: Dewey Nicks/MTV

Teen Wolf Pics

Teen Wolf premieres June 5 on MTV. Are you excited to watch? Comment below!

(L-R) Holland Roden; Tyler Hoechlin; Tyler Posey; Crystal Reed; Dylan O'Brien

Photo: MTV

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87 Responses to "Tyler Posey is Basically Shirtless The Entire Premiere of Teen Wolf. And We Like It."

  1. Teen.com
    chelsea says:

    he is a luv bird an i would dear hav sex wit him an i dream of him a lot my mout waters wen i see him ac he is soooooooooooooooo hottttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Teen.com
    keelaPoPzZz says:

    girls we get it hez HOTTTT bt reali now wanting to have sex with him is just obserd,stupid and realy u address ….girl

  3. Teen.com
    NaajKhan says:

    I just love tyler posey,but speacialy in shirtless pics,and now his amazing tatoo

  4. Teen.com
    paige says:

    i love scott mcall i could die and still like him and i could marry him who knows im a friend on his face book love it

  5. Teen.com
    Alexis says:

    O..m..g..i luv scott so much I could spend the rest of my life with him and if I had to choose one person to be my first kiss with and sex with it would definitly with all my heart be scott …i dont care what he is …scott or tyler if u read these it would be tge happiest moment in my life if I got to meet you in person and im really 12 years old born january 7,2000 just to let u know anf live at my moms at 3886 west north ave. In ponka city ,oklahoma

  6. Teen.com
    Alexis says:

    O..m..g.. Im going to die im so in love with him if I could see one hot person it would be scott

  7. Teen.com
    Emilu says:

    Omg!!!!! My friends say im obbsesed!!! But i love DYLAN:)<3<3

  8. Teen.com
    abbiy:-) says:

    tyler is sooooooooooo HOT!! i could spend the rest of my life staring at him and never get sick of it he is sooooo hot !! :-)

  9. Teen.com
    cheyenne says:

    well he is cute and hott the extra t is for hot hot i want to marry him

  10. Teen.com
    lily says:

    omg tyler is so hott comment if u wnat to marry him

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