Wait, What?! Jennifer Lawrence Almost Said No To Playing Katniss

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If there’s one thing that we learned from Hollywood, it’s that starring in a mega franchise = huge, instant fame. Um, hello, Kristen Stewart! So when we found out that Jennifer Lawrence, who snagged the lead of Katniss in The Hunger Games, almost turned down the coveted part that pretty much every single young actress in Hollywood tried out for, we were confused. But nope. It’s true.

Jennifer told Entertainment Weekly

That when she was offered the role:

“I knew that as soon as I said yes, my life would change. And I walked around an entire day thinking ‘It’s not too late, I could still go back and do indies, I haven’t said yes yet, it’s not too late. But I love this story, and if I had said no, I would regret it every day.”

Um, ya think?! We’re so glad Jennifer stuck with it. Besides, she looks gorgeous as a brunette, don’tcha think?!

Check out more of Jennifer’s interview about The Hunger Games at EW.com or pick up the mag on May 20!

Do you think Jennifer was a good pick for Katniss? Will you see the movies when they come out? To the comments you go!

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  • Motagua

    I’ve ncetoid a lot of people saying that she’s too “curvy” to be Katniss because Katniss is supposed to be hungry looking. Well, serious actors do serious things for their craft. Christian Bale lost 60 pounds for The Machinist, and Matt Damon dropped a bunch of weight for Saving Private Ryan. If Jennifer is serious about the role and they think she needs to look hungry, I have no doubt that she’ll look hungry come camera time. You cannot make judgments of an actor based on looks alone. Remember the Robert Pattinson Twilight fiasco? He’s the brightest spot in those films, and NO ONE wanted him to be Edward. On the other hand, Kristen Stewart looks exactly how I pictured Bella in the reading, but her acting is questionable at best. (cue attacks for dumping on KStew) I guess I’m just saying, give the girl a chance to prove herself before you completely write her off. She’s a talented actress, and they would not have cast her if they didn’t think she could pull it off. She’s SuCo sanctioned, for crap’s sake! Take it. She’ll do a great job.

  • Taylor

    I think we have to see how she acts as a katniss before we should judge her as a bad person for the role. Although she is not how the book describes katniss maybe, jennifer lawrence has the personality of someone who should play katniss. Will have to wait for the movie to come out. I hope that the movie reflects the book to the best of a movie version of a great book abilities.

  • emma

    OMG at first i didn’t think she could pull it off but just look at her she looks just like katniss i dont agree at all with elizabeth on the comment she posted that is soooo not true selena gomez cannot play katniss at all honestly thats ridiculous. If she did i’d hate the whole movie. jennifer is beyond perfect for katniss everdeen period.

  • Elizabeth

    Sorry, but A.) She is supposed to have darker hair than that in the book which is even stated if you read it. B.) She looks nothingggg like how shes described in the book. Shes supposed to be thin (not curvy like this) and shes supposed to have soft features. Not defined cardboard cut out model ones like this. Selena Gomez would’ve been a good choice for the role. She has a child like face but when you apply certain makeup to her face she can look older and more mature (like when katniss’ crew tries to make her look 30 when shes making the propo’s). Selena can act sweet and innocent but at the same time she can bring a level of edge and an aged personality to the table like katniss did in the book. I don’t know who casted this movie, but they need to fire them lol the only good call they made was Effie, Gale and Haymitch. As for Prim, they should’ve hired Elle Fanning.

    • emma

      prim is just fine too i’m not sure what exactly you see but the film ppl did a pretty good job it’s their job and i cant wait till the movie comes so exited. although i still think alex pettyfer would be perfect for peeta if you watch him in i am number 4 you could tell that he is an amazing amazing actor.

  • analiz

    i cannot wait till the Hunger Games comes out!!!!:):):)

  • Pencil

    OK first i was like “why did she get the part?! she isn’t even brunette!” but know i see she is a perfect actress to play Katniss now that she has brown hair lol! and the other main actors basically have the opposite hair color too… so i hope they make the movie JUST LIKE THE BOOK! ♥

    • Rini

      WTF!! no she’s not the right peorsn for the role of Katniss Everdeen! When I first heard that she was playing Katniss I was so furious, I also cried, because I knew that I could have been a way better Katniss than Jennifer Lawrence. I have almost the same peorsnality as Katniss. The Trilogy was AWESOME! They better not ruin the books by making this movie. They picked the worst cast ever none of them fit their description in the books!!! COME ON PEOPLE! You have to match the actors/actresses with how they were described!! Prim has to have blonde hair and blue eye, and Katniss has to have black hair (or at least brown or a dark color but not blonde) and gray eyes. I will be so mad if they don’t make this movie like the trilogy. But unless they can make the movie even better than the books (which will never happen, three words best. book. ever!) this movies going to suck BIG TIME!