O-M-Glee! Check Out the Full Glee Live! Concert Tour Set List!

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The Glee Live concert tour is officially underway and, not gonna lie, we’re among the unlucky gleeks who couldn’t get tickets. Uh, even though we’re giving them away right here to you guys. Anyway, even if we’re not going to be at the concert per say, it’s a good thing we’ve got the full set list — ya know, all the songs they’re going to sing — so we can at least sorta pretend, right?

So, will Blaine belt out “Teenage Dream?” Will “Don’t Stop Believin'” make the cut again? Click on to find out!

The gleeks will be singing the songs below:

“Don’t Stop Believing”
“Dog Days Are Over”
“Slave 4 U”
“Fat Bottom Girls”
“I Want To Hold Your Hand”
“Ain’t No Way”
“Born This Way”
“Teenage Dream”
“Silly Love Songs”
“Raise Ur Glass”
“Happy Days”
“River Deep Mountain High”
“Don’t Rain on my Parade”
“Jesse’s Girl”
“Loser Like Me”

What do you think of the set list? Which song from season 2 do you think should’ve made the cut? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Suzanne

    I think kurt singing Blackbird should have made it

  • Christian Cumba

    i feel pretty/unpretty

  • Christian Cumba

    I think light up the world, pretending, get it right, somewhere only we know, im not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you, marry you, rolling in the deep, jar of hearts and papa can you hear me should have made it i hope you take my comment into consideration! :)

  • terika

    they TOTALLY should’ve done ‘marry you,’ ‘get it right,’ telephone,’ and don’t go breakin’ my heart’ over some of the choices they made. ):

  • mia garcia

    rollin in the deep, all the original songs,get it right,dont go breakin my heart, telephone, me against the music,animals,misery. and mmaaannnyy more there r some great songs that they arent gonna sing

  • Anonymous

    get it right, river deep mountain high,thriller forget you come one those r like the best songs glee has done !!! im going to the concert but who cares theres still good songs

  • Madison Archer

    Bills, bills, bills was my favorite by the Warblers! :) i LOVE that song!

  • Lala

    I went to a concert lastnight and they didn’t sing don’t rain on my parade.

  • nicole

    rolling in the deep
    i feel pretty/ unpretty
    marry you
    all the original songs
    somewhere only we know
    i love newyork/new york new york

  • Maddi

    Rolling in the deep

  • Ryan Dee

    Songbird! Marry You! Singing in the Rain/ Umbrella!

  • Lori

    They should play, Gives You Hell, Marry You, Need You Now, Don’t You Want Me